Proposed Ring Size

  Proposed ring size
4mm (code A)
PARAKEET :             Blue – wing , elegant , Splendid , Bourke’s , Aymara , Budgie.
PARROTLET –         All
LORY/LORIKEET : Fairy , Red – fronted , Whiskered.

4.5mm (code B)
PARAKEET :              Red-rumped , Golden-shouldered , Hooded , Many-coloured ,
                                       Kakariki , Naretha blue bonnet.
LOVEBIRD –              ALL
LORY/LORIKEET :  Red-flanked , Goldie’s , Meyer’s , Hanging Parrots.
FIG PARROT :           Double-eyed , Orange-breasted.

5mm ( code C)
PARAKEET :              Swift , Stanley’s , Brow’s , Lineolated , Canary-winged , Golden
                                       mantled , Red & Yellow vented blue bonnet.
LORY/LORIKEET : Josephine’s , Emerald , Musk , Musschenbroek’s , Yellow & Green
               Iris , MT.Apo , Blue-crowned.

5.5mm (code D)
PARAKEET :             Mealy, Barnard’s, Pileated, Cloncurry, Horned, blossom-headed, Cockatiels
CONURE:                  Black-capped, Black-tailed, green-cheeked (Inc Yellow-sided), Maroon-                                                            

                                       Bellied, Painted, White-eared, Fiery-shouldered, Crimson-bellied, Pearly,  
                                       Roseifrons, Rose-crowned, Hoffman’s

LORY/LORIKEET:  Perfect, Mitchell’s

6mm (code – E )

PARAKEET:              Pennant’s, Adelaide, Green & yellow Rosella, Barraband’s, Port-lincoln, Twenty- eight,
                                      Crimson-   winged, Princess, Malabar, Slaty-headed, Plum-               
                                      Headed, African- ringneck, Emerald-collard, Quaker.

CONURE:                   Brown-throated, st Thomas, Bon-aire,  Cactus, Peach-fronted, Petz, Blue-
                                      throated, olive-throated, Aruba, Dusky-headed.

LORY/LORIKEET:   Ornate, Coconut, Weber’s, Blue-headed, Stella’s, Obi, Violet-necked,
                                         Forsten’s, Scaly-breasted

 7mm (code-F)
PARAKEET:               All kings, Moustache, Indian-ring-necked

CONTURE:                 Sun, Golden-capped, Jendaya, Finch’s, Red-throated, Green, Cuban.
PARROT:                     Brown-headed, Ruppel’s, Senegal,  Red-bellied, Meyer’s, Dusky,  Plum-
                                       crowen Pionus, Pileated
LORIKEET:                 Yellow-bibbed, Blue-eared, Blue-streaked, Red& Blue, Black-winged, Red,
                                         Swains’s, Green-napped, Red- collared, Rosenberg’s, Edward’s
MACAW:                     Hann’s
8mm (code- G)
PARAKEET:               Alexandrine.
LORY/LORIKEET:   Black, Cardinal, Duvenbode’s, Yellow-streaked, Purple-naped, Chattering,
                                      Yellow-backed, Black-capped, Red-breasted, Salvadori’s, Black-capped
CONURE:                   Patagonian, Nanday, Wagler’s, red-masked, White-eyed, Blue-headed,                                                                        Slender-billed, Austral, Hispanolian
CAIQUES:                   White-bellied, Black-capped
PARROT:                     BLUE-HEADED, Bronze-winged & white-crowned Pionus, Lesser                                                                          Jardine’s, Blue-naped and Muller’s
AMAZON:                   Nana White-fronted, Yellow- lored.
MACAW:                      Noble

9mm (code – H)
PARAKEET:                Derbyan’s
PARROT:                     Timney grey, Cape (Robustus) , jadine ( Black-winged & Greater) Hawk-                                                                     Headed and maxiilian’s
AMAZON:                 Cuban, Hispanolian, Tucuman, Jamaican Yellow-billed, Yellow-faced,                             
                                       Red- spectacled, White-fronted
MACAW:                    Illiger’s, Red-bellied, Yellow-naped, Blue-headed
COCKATOO:             Goffin’s, Red-vented, Galah
CONURE:                   Mitred, Queen of Bavaria’s

10mm (code- J)
PARROT:                    Ghana grey, Thick-billed, Solomon Eclectus, Lesser Vasa, Cape ( Sauhelius         
                                      & Fuscicollis), Great-billed
AMAZON:                 Green-cheeked, Lilac-crowned, Orange-winged, Red-lored, Vinaceous,                                                                            Yellow-shouldered, Lilacine, Panama,  Parvipes Yellow-naped               
COCKOTOO:             Major Mitchell’s, Citron-crested, Lesser Sulphur-crested, Ducorp’s, Bare- Eyed.
MACAW:                    Severe

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